Best Energy Drinks For Keto Diet (Stay in Ketosis)

The ketogenic diet is famous nowadays for a good reason. It is a diet based on consuming high fat and low carb foods. Several studies show that the keto diet helps in weight loss and has benefits against other diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and epilepsy.

While you are on a keto diet, your focus might be on reducing your carb intake and replacing it with good fat. Low carbs sometimes put you on low energy and that’s when you need the help of an energy drink. 

Energy drinks are loaded with active stimulant caffeine and other nutrients that can provide you with the energy you need for carrying out day-to-day tasks or a good workout session. 

LiKuid, Bang Meltdown, KetoUp, Rowdy Energy, Monster Zero Ultra, and Red Bull Ultra Zerol are the best keto-friendly energy drinks. 

Read till the end to find more about these keto-friendly energy drinks. 

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Can you have energy drinks while you’re on Keto?

Energy drinks are not the ideal beverages for someone who is trying out the Keto diet, though you can have one in a while when you feel low in energy and need some extra energy boost. 

The Keto diet is about consuming low-carb food and drinks, however, energy drinks contain sugar and are high in carbohydrates which is why it is not recommended to have one while on keto.

The most popular energy drink brands contain 20 to 49g of carbs from sugar per serving. Carbs in these beverages are highly concentrated (20-25%).

Does that mean you cannot have your favorite energy drink while on Keto? Well, not really!

You can drink energy drinks while one Keto, but make sure your drink contains a low amount of sugar and carbs.

You can easily find keto-friendly energy drinks on the market. While you look for one, make sure to check that it contains artificial sweetener instead of regular sugar. Research has shown that artificial sweeteners are safe to use and have little to no side effects when consumed in moderation. They are sweeter than sugar but have no carbs.  Erythritol is a widely accepted sweetener among all the Keto sweeteners used in Keto products and Keto meals for everyday use.

It is recommended that you should consume only one energy drink per day due to their net carb content.

To know more about Keto diets, have a look at this video of a doctor reviewing it:

Can energy drinks kick you out of ketosis?

Energy drinks can kick you out of ketosis if they are loaded with sugar.

a person getting an energy drink from a fridge

Most energy drinks contain increased sugar and carbs, which may cause the getting out of ketosis. However, you can choose sugar-free and keto-friendly energy drinks when you are on a diet. So as long as your choice of energy drink is low in carbs and sugar and doesn’t contain any unhealthy ingredients, you can have one energy drink per day. 

What are the best energy drinks for a Keto diet?

It’s best to use keto-certified energy drinks on the keto diets such as KetoUp, LiKuid, Bang Meltdown, Pruvit KetoUp, Rowdy Energy, Monster Zero Ultra, and Red Bull Ultra Zero. 

Note: These energy drinks are officially Keto certified (The “Keto” stamp or the word mentioned in the product description).

Here is a quick table showing you the calories and caffeine content of the best energy drink for the keto diet. 

Energy Drinks For KetoCaffeine per serving Calories per serving 
LiKuid Energy300mg10 cal
Bang Meltdown225mg 10 cal
Pruvit KetoUp95-136mg25 cal
Rowdy Energy160mg 5 cal
Monster Zero Ultra 140mg 10 cal
Red Bull Total Zero80mg 10 cal
Energy Drinks For Keto Diet

LiKuid Energy

First on the list is a fortified ketogenic LiKuid energy drink. It contains BHB salts and ketones. 

BHB salts have been proven to improve cognitive performance as they cross the blood-brain barrier used by the brain as fuel. At the same time, Ketones are a better energy source for the brain than glucose. It provides 70% of the brain’s energy needs.

Moreover, it is high in caffeine, making it the best pre-workout drink. One serving of LiKuid contains 300mg of caffeine, 10 carbs, 10 calories, zero fat, and zero sugar. It has natural sweetener stevia and costs you about $38 for a pack of 12.

Bang Meltdown

Bang energy drinks are famous for their highly caffeinated blends and other natural ingredients. 

They have introduced Meltdown, which was made especially for people on a keto diet. It is a certified ketonic drink. 

To enhance the ketosis process, Meltdown is strengthened with “goBHB® D-Ketones” and “Hydro Fusion™ Electrolyte Matrix” to enhance ketosis. One serving of Meltdown contains 225mg of caffeine, 10calories, zero sugar, and artificial sweetener sucralose. You can get 12-pack Bang Meltdown for $34. 

Pruvit KetoUp

Pruvit KetoUp is a ketogenic energy drink that provides powerful energy for peak performance and good health. This one gets you in a ketogenic state faster with the help of exogenous ketones. 

One serving of KetoUp contains caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee that makes up 95-136mg caffeine. It has 25caloires, 3g of carbs, and only 2g of sugar. A pack of 4 KetoUp costs you $44. 

Rowdy Energy

Rowdy Energy goes best with the ketogenic diet as it contains zero sugar. It contains essential electrolytes that keep you energized and hydrated throughout the day. 

It contains nootropic L-theanine (r-glutamyl ethyl amide), a non-dietary amino acid that modulates brain waves, promotes super learning, and provides calm and relaxation. Moreover, it also gives a powerful lift and provides better cognitive performance. 

a neuron

Rowdy energy cuts extra carbs and calories by cutting sugar. One serving of Rowdy energy only contains 160mg caffeine, 5g carbs, five calories, and artificial sweeteners such as stevia, erythritol, and monk fruit extract. A 12-pack of rowdy Energy costs about $30.

Monster Zero Ultra 

Monster introduces Zero Ultra for their Keto-friendly fans. 

A single can of Monster Zero Ultra has 140mg of caffeine, which is a pretty moderate amount that is enough for a lasting boost.

Red Bull Total Zero

If you are also part of the Red Bull cult, you might find it difficult to spend your keto day without having one can of Red Bull. Red bull total zero is the only solution to your problem. It is a classic yet everyone’s favorite drink. 

One Red Bull Total Zero serving contains 80mg caffeine, zero sugar, and zero carbs. 

It is low in caffeine compared to other keto-certified energy drinks on this list, making it safe for caffeine-sensitive people. It contains many essential amino acids and B-vitamins that give you a sustainable energy boost. 

If you wanna read more about Red Bull and its different variants, take a look at my other article.

Pros and Cons of Energy Drinks For Keto 

Energy drinks are best to get the boost of energy while on the low carb keto diet because of the following:

  1. They contain caffeine that can boost the ketosis process. 
  2. Energy drinks contain an austral ingredient to enhance energy, such as minerals, amino acids, b-vitamins, an herbal supplement. 

It is essential to note that not all energy drinks are 100% keto-friendly. 

If you glance at the nutrition facts, you will get two significant cons of these energy drinks that ultimately contract the potential pros mentioned above:

  1. Energy drinks are packed with lots of sugar which is not healthy for your keto diet. High sugar content can trigger a sugar crush hours later and shut down ketone production. 
  2. All the artificial ingredients in energy drinks cause many adverse effects on your health

Wrapping Up

a can of Red Bull

When in Keto or any other diet, it is wise to always opt for health-focused brands. Energy drinks that are low in sugar and carbs are not only a good choice for people on a diet but better for people in general who drinks energy drinks regularly. 

All in all, LiKuid, Bang Meltdown, KetoUp, Rowdy Energy, Monster Zero Ultra, and Red Bull Ultra Zerol are some delicious energy drinks for the ketogenic diet. All these drinks are Keto-certified and won’t kick you out of ketosis. However, the key is to consume them in moderation.